Our History

First Presbyterian Church of Eufaula, Alabama was organized in 1836 with sixteen members. The present sanctuary was completed in 1869 at a cost of $26,000. The bricks were imported from Holland and the original slate roof was a two-tone pattern in gray and red. Ornamental ironwork trimmed the ridge of the roof. A section of that original wrought iron is displayed in Bray Parlor. Ruling Elder John McNab, a local banker, went to New York to obtain the beautiful leaded stained-glass windows. Each of the windows in the sanctuary is bordered with liturgical colors: red, purple, gold, green and blue. The designs on the windows are the Fleur de Lis, a symbol of the Trinity. Some of the windows were damaged during the tornado of 1919 and replaced with similar materials.

Christian symbols add to the beauty and dignity of this fine Gothic structure (modeled after English and Scottish parish churches). The end of the each handmade pew is the sign of the Trinity. The lighting fixtures are also etched with the Fleur de Lis. Mising globes were replaced with replicas in 2013. The center chandeliers were originally gas lights and they have since been converted to electricity. Each of the seven wooden beams of the high pitched ceiling form a cross. Triangular skylights are also original.

Some of the original furnishings, including the pews, pulpit Bible and pulpit furniture (installed in 1878), along with the folding blinds are still in use today. The pews, made of longleaf yellow pine and mahogany, are still divided with a center partition. The purpose of the partition was to control the draft. Some worshippers were known to bring hot bricks to be used as foot warmers in their pew.

The precise usage of the area between the front vestibules was not recoded. Over the years it has been used for additional seating and for a large Chrismon tree during past Advent season. It now served as a prayer and worship area. Two original pews and a communion table are located there.

The first annex to the sanctuary was completed in 1941. It was built for Sunday School rooms and a minister’s study. The Bray Parlor (named for Nathan Bray, a devoted church member and organizer of the first choir), minister’s study and secretary’s office are now in this annex adjacent to the sanctuary.

The educational building, fellowship hall and kitchen were completed and dedicated to the glory of God in 1959. A memorial garden on the north side of the church was completed in 1979. The iron perimeter fence and brick walkway leading to the two sets of entry doors on the church were also added in 1979. The current design of the fence and walk were taken from early photos which showed the church had a wooden fence of a similar design.

A Wicks Pipe organ was built in 1973 for this church. It has more than seven hundred pipes of varying size, material and detail. The pipes are placed in eleven ranks controlled by two manuals or keyboards and pedal board. The organ pipes are located behind the facade currently in place above the choir loft. The console was replaced in 1999 after lightning struck the instrument on several occasions. A Verdin Carillon can be heard from the bell tower at 8a.m., noon and 6p.m. daily.

First Presbyterian Church Eufaula Exterior Shot
Stained Glass Window
First Presbyterian Church Sanctuary